Where to find interior design inspiration

The interior design, or decoration, that we use in our homes is instrumental for ensuring that we’re happy in the spaces. Everything from our paint choices to our furniture picks can help to inject personality and make sure that our homes feel like our own. You could say, then, that getting this just right is […]

6 ways to make your home office a place you want to work in!

This post is collaborative If you’re an entrepreneur working from home, you need to ensure your office is a place you want to work on a daily basis. You may need to rely on the space you have to work from for inspiration and creativity and so that needs to be reflected in your office. […]

Interior E-design service: re-designing a children’s bathroom

A few months ago I launched my online e-design service. It’s something that I’ve been planning for a while and I’m excited to finally be in the position to start taking on more e-design work for clients and to grow this side of my business. I thought I’d share one of the projects that I’ve […]

Why you should consider a new build property

Please note, this post is sponsored but all opinions/news about my family life is genuine! It’s been a long process but we are now finally nearer to the completion date on our new home. We first put our house on the market back in September last year, and whilst that’s only 7 months from selling […]

Bringing the outside into your home

Please note, under ASA regulations, this post is considered an ad. Just want to stay upfront with you guys! Image Source When Mr P and I were first married, we lived in a one bed flat in West London and had only a small balcony as far as ‘outside space’ was concerned. Growing up in […]

My top tips for using DIY projects to inject personality into your home

Disclaimer: Although this post contains lots of my own content, under ASA regulations it’s considered an AD. How do you feel about DIY home decor projects? I’m a fan personally, and whilst I appreciate that DIY, or ‘upcycling’, may not be for everyone, I wanted to share some simple tips on how you can get […]

4 small changes you should make to your home this year

Disclaimer: Although this post contains lots of my own content, please note that under ASA regulations, it’s considered an Ad. I talk a lot about design and changing your home decor on this blog, but I’m mindful of the fact that folk don’t always want a dramatic change in their home. Sure, it’s nice to […]