Celebrate a break!

Hello dear reader. Firstly, huge apologies for the large time delay in posting on my blog. Work life has been hectic with an Ofsted inspection this week! Thankfully, it is now half term so I’ll be posting much more regularly. Look out for photos of two more great interiors shops called Pink Kite and Brocante –…

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Celebrate talent

Just a quick note this evening to point you in the direction of a fabulous blog that I reguarly read called ‘wholelottalovely’. Written by a very talented stylist called Marie Nichols, it often provides me with some much needed rest and relaxation time during my lunch break at work – especially if it’s been a…

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Celebrate interiors

I’m very lucky to be married to a man whose family have a beautiful holiday home in the stunning coastal town of Fowey, Cornwall. Apart from the amazing scenary, chance to unwind and opportunity to spend some much treasured time with my family, I love visiting Fowey because it has some absolutely amazing shops! First…

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