Celebrate interiors

I’m very lucky to be married to a man whose family have a beautiful holiday home in the stunning coastal town of Fowey, Cornwall. Apart from the amazing scenary, chance to unwind and opportunity to spend some much treasured time with my family, I love visiting Fowey because it has some absolutely amazing shops!

Gorgeous garden accessories

First on my list is Reeds of Fowey, an incredibly well presented shop (in my opinion)! This shop stocks lots of lovely accessories for your outside space, be it a small balcony – like my hubby and I used to have in our first flat, or huge garden (am still working towards that dream)! It’s a great place to stop off for a present for someone too, we bought a cool Whistable bucket for a friend of ours who married in the summer. The other lovely thing about this shop is that they use tiny pegs on their bags to customise them. You’ll soon learn that it’s the small things that matter to me reader! I’ve got a few more photos from Reeds which I’ll be uploading over the next few days…

2 responses to “Celebrate interiors”

  1. I went to this shop and Bex bought me a picture frame which I has admired when I was there and gave it to me as a surprise – I think they want us to put a picture of them in it!!!

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