Celebrate craft obsessives…

Good evening people, hope you are well this evening.  I’ve just spent some time ‘organising’ my craft bits and bobs in preparation for Christmas gift making – and also because over time I’ve piled up various pieces of fabric, wool, ribbon and other such things in front of the hot air vent in our living room and my husband is slightly concerned that all my hoarding may bring the house down in flames. Now, if you’re anything like me, you may have several bags, boxes and sewing cases all over the place, full of projects started, nearly completed, or left for the time being! Still, I love the run up to Christmas as it’s a great time for picking up those projects again and spending time and effort creating something unique. I must admit I have a long way to go and a lot to learn craft wise so for the moment here’s a few pics of homemade items from Etsy that I think are particularly inspiring for starting your own projects. I’ll be keeping you up to date with anything I attempt to make also! For now though, all my ribbons, fabric, knitting needles etc, are carefully stowed in just one (rather large but one none the less) craft bag. I feel very proud of myself.

upcycled Christmas stocking / red tartan plaid and soft grey wool (2 left, ready to ship)

 French Country RUSTIC BURLAP COTTAGE Holiday Pillows

Homespun Christmas Wreath - Earthy Jute Burlap - Large Organic Door Wreath

Images: Item 1 Upcycled christmas stocking, SewnNatural. Item 2 Rustic Burlap Holiday pillows, shannspishak. Item 3 Homespun Christmas wreath, catnapcottage.

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