We moved into our current home just over a year ago and inherited a nicely neutral decor that was very livable. After turning one of the bedrooms into a home study, it’s now time to focus attentions on the living room which is in need of some colour on the walls. The back wall is currently a large expanse of white and when we returned home from holiday in the summer my first reaction when walking back in was ‘oh no, we’ve been robbed’ as I saw a large blank wall ahead of me. So, that was when we started to think that we really should inject a bit more personality into the space!

Now, my other half loves all things science and so we are currently in the process of choosing two posters from the London Transport Museum website that feature the London Science Museum to fill that blank wall. Which are you’re favourites? I think the one on ‘bicyclism’ from the twenties is fab.

London's museumsThe Science Museum

At the Museum of ScienceScience Museum; bicyclism

Poster 1: London’s museums, by Joan Beales, 1955  Poster 2: The Science Museum, by Enid Marx, 1965  Poster 3: At the Museum of Science, by Edward McKnight Kauffer, 1923  Poster 4: Science Museum; bicyclism, by Austin Cooper, 1928
All images taken from London Transport Museum

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