Sweet ‘n simple craft

I often see articles in magazines around Christmas time advising that you have a secret stash of small gifts by the door in case of unexpected visitors over the holidays. What are these gifts I’ve often wondered? Well, I made these cute Christmas candles for some of my girlfriends recently after being inspired by some candles that I saw in a department store in Paris. They are so simple to make that perhaps these could be the ‘gifts by the door’?


 All you need is a candle (mine is from Ikea), a button (this one is from an art shop in Cornwall – Cry of the Gulls), silver embroidery thread (John Lewis), a small peg (hobbycraft) and a handwritten message. All I did was thread the embroidery thread through the button and tie on at the back. Then peg on your message and voila! Sweet and simple.

Image cparkin – taken on my Blackberry so apologies for the quality!