To do:

I’m on holiday this week (half term) and as always I have a huge ‘to do’ list. Whilst I have the usual pile of marking/planning to do, I also have lots of small but important projects that I’ve wanted to complete for ages. I don’t get as much time as I’d like to focus on arty/craft/diy tasks  during the term so my holidays are a great way of achieving things around the house or just personal goals that I’ve been carrying around in my head for weeks!

They are as follows:

1) Add some colour to our bathroom. As you can see from the pic below, our bathroom is all white at the moment. It has a nice clean feel to it but not much in the way of personality or detail. So I’m hoping to add that – on a budget! I bought a gorgeous mirrored cabinet at the weekend for the bargin price of £10 in a sale! Excellent. As it’s also white, I’m defintiely feeling the need for colour in the bathroom before it goes up…Will post ‘after’ pics once it’s all done.

 2) Organise the bookshelf in our living room. It’s a mess!

3) Clean out all the store cupboards in the kitchen. (Talking of ‘store’, here’s my go to shop for when I need inspiration for organising things around the home).

4) Update my ‘about’ page on this blog.

5) Try out my idea for a new header for this blog. You’ll soon see if it’s successful as the header will change!

That’s all for now. What are your goals this week?

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