Sweet n’ simple craft: Knitted Blackberry cover

I’m excited to share this craft project with you today. I’ve been working on it for a little while and have just completed it. I wanted to get a phone cover in order to prevent my Blackberry from becoming scratched as it lounges around in my bag. So when I saw the idea for this project in a Debbie Bliss book I couldn’t wait to try it out. I’ve adapted the design from the one in the book but the general pattern is the same. It’s such a straightforward project that it’s easy to put your own stamp on it.

Firstly I created 32 stitches and then knitted 45 rows in rib stitch.

After that I looked through my wool stocks for a contrasting colour to the grey that I had used. I decided to go for a hot pink colour.

Next I completed a simple running stitch along the 3 row of my knitting and then sewed the edges and bottom together (inside out) using the remaining grey wool. Finally I turned the cover out the right way and voila!

For futher knitting inspirations take a look at Debbie Bliss’ ‘The knitter’s year’. I highly recommend it!

Images: cparkin| Knitting pattern adapted from Debbie Bliss

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