Sunday night feeling – staying motivated

Good evening, hope you’ve had a great weekend in the sunshine. Isn’t it amazing how some sun can really improve your mood and energise you!

I’ve been reading some interesting blog posts this week about maintaining a healthy work/life balance. You can read one of them here. Work/life balance is always something that I try to keep in check as it’s so easy to spend more time on the work, rather than the life, so friends, family and personal hobbies can easily become neglected. One of the tips in the posts I’ve read is to have a personal rewards system to keep you motivated when working. This led me on to thinking about small treats that could serve as rewards when you have accomplished a big task (or just any task that you don’t particularly relish the thought of working on)!

So, here’s three items all under £5 that may do the trick:

1: This candle lantern will pretty up your outside space on those warm summer evenings.

2: I’m really enjoying this new magazine – Making. Full of interesting craft projects for any level of abilty and a great read too.

3: Tea cup print on vintage book paper from Etsy.

What keeps you motivated?

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