Busy, busy, busy

Hello my friends! I’ve missed blogging these past few days but have been incredibly busy and so haven’t had the time. However, I’m back now and have so much to post and share.

I’ve working on an Ideal Home shoot (as a work experience placement) for the past 3 days – a dream come true! The stylist was the incredibly talented Hannah Deacon and I learnt a great deal from her, especially when styling accessories as she has a great eye for detail.  The shoot won’t be published for a few months yet but I’ll post pictures when I can.

In the meantime I’m currently studying ‘Style your space’, another e-course from Red Velvet.

I’ve felt for a while that my living room is a bit safe and dare I say bland? So I’m hoping that Rachel’s style will inspire me to be a little more colourful and creative. You can find read Rachel’s blog here and find further course details here.

Am hoping to catch up with family and friends over the Easter weekend but will be back soon to post a picture of the great antique chest that I bought with Mr P today from an antiques dealer for £50. It’s to go into our living room to be used as storage and a coffee table. Not a bad price for a coffee table huh?

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