It’s been a long time!

Well hello there! I’ve been away for a while but am back in the land of blogging for bliss now. Why is it that you can never ease back into work gently after a break? It’s always back to earth with a bump for me!

Still, my current busy schedule has inspired me to post a few Etsy inspirations that are wonderful at keeping me motivated. I don’t know about you, but I’m an absolute geek when it comes to all things related to the world of stationary. I often use it to my advantage though and if I have a particularly heavy workload, I’ll buy myself something small (or large!) that will help me to achieve a task or just keep me motivated whilst I’m doing it. Here are a few items from Etsy that I have my eye on…

I love these envelopes made from old maps. I have a special little something to send to my friend in Russia and these envelopes reminded me to get on with it!

 Great pencil pouch.

How great is this ‘in touch clutch’? I like the handwriting style used on the fabric for the pouches.

Thanks for sharing my Etsy inspirations with me. I suppose I’d better get on with those jobs!

Images all Etsy

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