Sunday night feeling…

If you live in the UK you may be familiar with Sainsbury’s tag line ‘try something new today’. I never thought I’d be using a line from a supermarket advert as the basis for a Sunday night feeling post, but I guess it goes to show that you never know where inspiration may come from!

Anyhow, tonight I’d like to encourage you to try something new this week – or at least take a step towards it. So far this year I’ve been fortunate enough to complete a course in Interior design and also freelance writing at two local adult education centres. It’s been great to leave work on those days and go and spend 2 hours learning about something I love or have an interest in. It’s added a new sense of direction to my life and I’m excited about how I might use my new skills in the future.

Also, my love of all things stationary has meant I have a new excuse to write in pretty notebooks or purchase a new pen!

So what are you interested in but never had the chance to pursue further? If time is an issue then I highly recommend signing up for an e-course (as you can see from my side bar. I’ve studied Elsie’s blog e-course and am currently working my way through ‘Style your space’). With both of the e-courses I have studied there are no deadlines or due dates, just work at your own pace.

If money is an issue then how about approaching a friend who has a particular talent or skill you admire and asking them to teach you? My friend Kayla taught me some knitting tips and when she wasn’t around I learnt the rest from a sweet American lady (who I have never met) who taught me how to ‘knit into the front and back’ via Video Jug!

Let me know what you learn. You may inspire me to try something else that’s new!

Images: Mrs Eliot booksRed Velvet

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