Sunday night feeling

Ah the weekend…a time to relax and spend time with those you love. I think the picture above sums up one of my favourite moments this weekend. Time with my hubby, the papers, a cuppa and a lovely breakfast at Greedies, a local cafe. How did you spend your weekend?

Well, it’s time to focus on the week ahead now. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone this week and have a job interview tomorrow. I’m feeling very nervous! The position I’ve applied for is still in teaching but is a step up and will allow me to mentor other teachers. I’ll let you know how it goes. I listened to a great sermon at church today which encouraged me for the week ahead. One of the key points was that when you are a leader, you should be serving the people you lead and working for their good, not necessarily your own. A neat way to think about leadership I think and a humbling thought.

Have a good Monday, C.x