Sunday night feeling

Well hello there, it’s been too long since my last post! I had at least 2 posts planned for this week in addition to the immensely popular Jacquelyn Clark interview that I put up on Tuesday but alas, life was ridiculously busy this week so I never got the chance to put them on the blog. Still, they will go on this week instead so look out for them!

I’m happy to say that my busy week resulted in two very exciting pieces of news:

1. I got the job that I applied for at work, yippee!

2. I’m going to be involved in a hugely exciting blogging project. Hope to tell you more this week (Celebrate Creation is going to be a busy place this week)!

Still, enough with the news flash, here’s my inspiration for Sunday night feeling this week. The weather. I don’t know where you are in the world and what weather you are experiencing right now, but the sun is certainly shining in the UK. It’s boiling! Being a ginger, I don’t cope with that too well but I wouldn’t have it any other way. All this sunshine has definitely lifted my Sunday night mood as I’m busily thinking about holidays and outside entertaining now. I found some gorgeous images over on Elle Decor that I just have to share with you:

I like the way the floral centerpiece has been used to add colour to the garden. The paving stones and built in raised beds add lots of glamour too.

This garden reminds me of my own. Living in London you can’t get really get away from being overlooked in the garden (unless you are super wealthy)! Still, I like the way the fencing creates privacy yet allows the light to peek through and the rugs are a great idea – especially if you were entertaining outside. A neat way to add interest and a unique style without spending hours labouring in the garden.

Love the trees in this one…and the giant snail!

Ah French style gardens and dining. My ultimate favourite. I’m hoping to take the main elements of this design and recreate something similar in our garden. Lots of white, green plants and a simple, elegant black set of garden furniture. Sigh.

Have a great Monday. C.x

All images: Elle Decor

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