Time to sew

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be able to sew using a sewing machine. Well, perhaps I’d better back track slightly there, when I was a young teen my mum taught me how to sew using her machine and I actually made a dress. It was pretty darn good when I look back now and was in a popular style for that time which I basically couldn’t afford to buy at Topshop so I decided to make one instead. I remember showing my friends at school and they liked it but being the unconfident teen that I was I never actually wore it. That makes me sad now. I wish I’d had more confidence as a teenager. Ah well, perhaps that’s why I’m so determind to go back to sewing and make good use of the skill now. That and the fact that Mr P’s granny has given me her vinatge (but she’d just call it old darling) singer sewing machine.

So, I’m booked onto a course in a couple of weeks time to give me a refresher on how to use my sewing machine. I’m quite looking forward to it and have already scoured my local library for sewing books in order to gain inspiration. (I’ve had to use Mr P’s card as I’m currently not able to use mine. Something I really need to get sorted out).

My favourite by far is this one:

It’s got at least 4 projects that I can’t wait to make!

My other current source of inspiration are these fantastic (and free) tutorials from Made.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Any sewing tips/good beginner projects you can pass onto me?

Images here, here and here.

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