Sunday night feeling

Good evening, hope you’ve enjoyed a great weekend. I saw some family members that I haven’t seen for about a year last night at a family party which was lovely.

I thought I’d share a very cool book swap idea with you tonight as I’m planning on doing it tomorrow morning – hopefully it’ll brighten my Monday! It’s a book swap run by the Guardian and Observer newspapers and the idea is to basically choose a book that you have read and no longer need, then put on one of the newspaper’s book labels which advertise that this book is now up for grabs and leave in a public place for someone to find! If you’re interested in joining in you can download a copy of the label here. You can then post the location of your book on a flickr page and also join in on twitter if you so wish!

If I travelled to work on the tube then I’d definitely leave a book there but as I don’t I think I’ll leave mine at a train station instead. Now, which book to choose….

On that note what book would you leave for the book swap? Leave a comment and let me know – I’m always on the look out for a recommended book. The notes section on my phone is full of books that others have recommended to me and I’m always hunting for them when I visit the library (when I haven’t got a fine that is. I’m notoriously bad at getting my books back on time. Tsk)!

Have a great Monday.


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