Autumn days?

Well. It’s hot! Whilst I’ve been looking on my favourite blogs for the past half hour, I see many pictures from bloggers across the globe like this:

However, life in London is slightly different! I don’t know about you, but today I painted my toenails a hot orange in preparation for wearing flip flops and also put on some much needed factor 30!

Still, Autumn is very much around the corner (or is actually already here but just not abiding by its usual weather characteristics) and so therefore, I’m posting some interior inspiration for the coming season.

I’m a huge fan of grey and white in the home. I read somewhere that grey is the new magnolia and I can tell you that it certainly is in our house! We already have a grey feature wall in our lounge but I’m hoping that Mr P won’t think it’s overkill if we extend it to our bedroom:

I also love this living room too:

Just gorgeous. What do you think?

Iamges: 1, 2, 3 & 4

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