It feels like forever since I last posted a craft project! I guess you can tell how busy my new job is keeping me. I’ve been storing this candle project up for a while now and am glad to finally have a few minutes to share it with you. It’s very simple and easy to accomplish no matter what your crafting ability (I consider myself to have quite a low ability! I do have lots of enthusiasm though and am willing to give most things a go). So, if you’re like me and want an easy yet rewarding project, then look no further…

I started this candle craft one Sunday afternoon when I had an hour to myself and needed to do something that reminded me that I do have a life apart from my job! Mr P and I have a cupboard full of crockery that we were bought for wedding gifts but to be honest, have never really gotten round to using that much. I don’t know why I thought we would need 6 cup and saucers, 6 mugs, 6 dinner plates and 6 entertaining plates – to name a few things – when we were first married! We have used lots of the items I must hasten to add but never really the cups and saucers. Instead of leaving them to lie in the cupboard forever, I decided to make candles in some of the tea cups. They look brilliant lit up in our living room. Here’s how I did it:

Firstly, select the cup you want to use and give it a good clean. If you don’t have one at home then look out for cute cups at charity shops.

Next, get some wax beads ready. I bought mine from hobbycraft (I can spend hours there) but you can just as easily get them online. Fill a saucepan with water and bring to the boil. Grab a smaller saucepan and place it in the larger one. Pour some of the wax into the saucepan and begin to melt.

Cleaning tip: Washing up liquid is brilliant at getting wax off the saucepan after you have finished. I used a non-scratch scourer and fairy liquid and it worked a treat.

(Apologies for the slightly gross state of my cooker. Like I said, it was a Sunday and I needed an hour off. It’s a peek into my real life. Of course my cooker is absolutely immaculate now…no seriously it is, a product called Astonish. But still, I digress…)

Whilst the wax is melting, put a candle wick into the cup. I bought some wicks with a metal base plate to them as it means the wick stands up nice and straight and you don’t need to support the wick whilst trying to pour in the hot wax at the same time. Once the wax has melted, take it off the heat for a few seconds and then pour into the cup. Please take care here. You can burn yourself quite horribly otherwise.

Once the wax is in the cup, you have a few minutes to adjust the placement of the wick if you need to. I chose to add a few drops of my perfume here in order to scent the candle. You can also add essential oils if you wish.

 Leave to harden overnight and there you have it! If you start now, you could make a fair few in time for Christmas…

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