This past week has been quite stressful for one reason or another. (One reason was I received a rather nonchalant call from my husband on Thursday to inform me that the country that he was currently working in wasn’t going to allow him out of the country today as planned due to visa issues. What??!!! I was all set to pack up and move out there but thankfully he has only been postponed by a day and should be home tomorrow). So this weekend I’ve been enjoying a very relaxing time of doing…absolutely nothing. It’s rare that I have these kinds of weekends as there is always something to do around the house, food shopping that needs to be done etc but no, I spent a lovely weekend in Kent with my parents at my family home and thoroughly enjoyed it.

What did you do this weekend? I did manage to have a quick catch up with some of my favourite blogs and was inspired to make Pumpkin spiced lattes (I read lots about them via twitter strangely enough but they only seem available in the US). Also this idea for writing a list of goals you want to accomplish before your next birthday really appealed to the planner in me! I’ll let you know how I get on with my list.

Have a good Monday!


P.S: Check out these 2 new blogs that I’ve popped onto my blogroll: What Wilson Wants and The Fabric of my life.

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