Sunday night feeling

This weekend I spent time catching up with family, discovered the gorgeous praline latte at Costa and learnt all about Thanksgiving from some very treasured American friends (whose ancestors were actually on the Mayflower).

I have to say that I think Thankgiving is a brilliant festival and I wish we had something similar here in the UK. Spending time saying thank you for the things that we so often take for granted is great. I know I certainly need to do it more. I’m thankful for the family and friends I have who love me and who I get to love back and for all the fun times we have together.

This week I’m looking forward to another craft evening at ‘The Leaf and Bean’ cafe. This time it’s a selling evening and an opportunity to look at the talents of others whilst buying a few handmade Christmas pressies. I’m going to be selling some of my sister in law’s sock monkeys. I’ll try to take a snapshot of them to share with you. For now though I’ll leave you with some pictures of some handmade jewellery made by my friend Lou. She recently had a jewellery party at her house – it was difficult not to spend a small fortune!

See what I mean?

What are you up to this week? Whatever your plans are I hope you have a good one. C.x

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