How’s your ‘to do’ list coming on?

For my Sunday night feeling post last week I shared my ‘to do’s’ for this week. Here’s how I’m getting on…

1. Make a cake. Well, I bought all the items for the cake and then spent what seemed like forever trudging around the shops looking for cigarellos. Does anyone sell them? No. I live in London so I’m thinking that if they are not here then where on earth are they? Well, after some internet searching I found a cake shop who informed me that it would cost me £25 to buy a pack of chocolate cigarellos. £25!! For a cake! At this time of year! We had a £4 oven apple pie from M&S instead.

2. Buy the last 5 gifts on my Christmas list. Urgh. I started off all jolly and bright but after 2 hours I’d just about had enough. Thankfully the internet stepped in and I spent some time doing some frantic last minute clicking ordering in pressies, as yesterday was the last day for Amazon posting before Christmas. I also ordered this fabulous tutorial from Etsy:

and also this necklace which had a whopping 65% off

You can read more about the maker of this necklace – TrickArt – over at Natural History as I wrote about it for my post this week.

3. Write my Christmas cards. I hang my head in shame. I still haven’t done this! Tsk

4. Exercise. Well, I went to a Pilates class at my local gym and halfway through thought ‘Are my leg joints meant to be clicking like this?’ Seriously, it was so bad that after a while I was starting to feel sick every time I heard it! I woke up this morning and said to my hubby ‘I think I’m getting sick. My glands under my throat feel swollen and it feels tight when I swallow. After 15 minutes I realised that no, my glands were not up, I have pulled all the muscles under my chin instead as I tried to keep up with the abdominal crunches in said Pilates class. I don’t think that’s how you are supposed to do it.

5.Organise the bookshelves in our living room. Not a chance.

6. Started to plan goals for 2012. I’m doing this mentally. Funnily enough I don’t seem to lack motivation for this one.

So there we have it. Not a bad start but far from perfect! Still, that’s real life isn’t it? I was really quite touched by this post over the weekend and agree that I think it’s important to be honest on your blog and show that things are not always ideal. For me I always try to share my gym stories as I seem to have many ‘hilarious’ things that happen to me there (if I didn’t laugh then I’d cry type stories. Did I ever tell you about the time I locked all my clothes and locker key IN the locker and then had to walk out of the changing room, over to the main desk in front of many clothed people in nothing but my swimming costume and ask for a pair of bolt cutters? It wasn’t even my gym, it was a posh swanky one that I had a free pass to for that day only. At least I didn’t have to see anyone there again).

So however you are getting on with your ‘to do’ list, I hope you are feeling peaceful and are able to enjoy this busy season. I’m determind to go to the midnight service at Duke Street Church in Richmond again this year. That always helps me to stay focussed on what it’s all about.


Images via: Trick Art Jewellery and Hello Clementine

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