Sunday night feeling

Tonight I thought I’d share with you some of my goals for 2012. I decided a few years ago not to make any New Year resolutions as I can’t remember any that I’ve actually kept! I’ve been inspired over the past year though by other bloggers who have set goals for themselves with things that they would like to achieve before their next birthday. I decided to adopt this slightly and set goals for the year ahead instead.

After starting out, I realised that there are lots of things I’d like to accomplish this year and so my goal list has become rather long! Still, I have a whole year so I figure I’ll be ok…

Here are some of the items on my list:

1. Make one craft/DIY item a month. I really enjoyed this project last summer:

2. Keep to a running training plan so that I can run 5k. (At the moment I can only run for 1 minute without needing to stop/feeling sick. This is a huge goal for me as I seem to have no aerobic capacity for running whatsoever!)

3. Take more online e-courses to build up my creative skills. I love taking e-courses as they are mostly ‘work at your own pace’. My next one is this one.

4. Write the 1000 word article(s) that I have stored up in my mind and keep mulling over and then try to get them in print.

5. Take more time to let my friends and family know I care about them by being in touch more – even if it’s only via a text.

So there you have it, a sneek peek into some of my goals for 2012. What’s on your list?