Sunday night feeling

Hi there, how are you today? Hope you’ve had a peaceful and restful weekend. Or, if it’s been busy, I hope that you achieved everything you hoped to!

I was ‘on my knees’ as my boss would say by the end of the working week last week so was very grateful for a rest today. I’m looking forward to a week of holiday this week and so am planning on running a few errands, taking in some history at the British Musem and also finally visiting Rob Ryan’s shop in East London. I’ve wanted to go for absolutely ages so can’t wait to finally get there!

Talking of Rob Ryan, I’m in love with this print that I found via his blog:

I asked Mr P if he liked it and could he see it in our home which in girl language means ‘Can I buy it’? Anyway he said yes so I’m hoping that maybe we can ‘buy it for eachother’ for Valentines. Wink wink.

Regardless of whether it ends up in our home or not, it’s a lovely sentiment and one I’m happy to leave with you today for the week ahead. Family is important, so however big or small your is, enjoy them and have a great Monday.


Image via Rob Ryan

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