I’ve been wanting to write tonight’s blog post for a while as it’s been in my head on and off for several weeks. I was first bitten by the blog bug about 18 months ago now, when I started reading ‘Whole lotta lovely’ which I found via a magazine article. I’ve often thought about what makes blogging/reading blogs so appealing ever since and one of my conclusions is that most blogs (not all, but most), contain content that seems accessible unlike, dare I say it, magazines.

I’ll share a more specific example with you. Lots of the blogs that I read contain ‘what I wore’ posts. I always enjoy these types of posts because they are more like the real life that I know than a magazine shoot. Whilst the blogger may not be the same size or shape as me, they are someone that I can look at and think, ‘yeah, you look like a real woman and have arms that contain enough flesh and muscle that I can’t see your bones’. It’s a real pet hate of mine that models are sooo skinny that you can really see their skeleton when it comes to the arms! Of course I have friends who are naturally really slim, but the difference is that you can see that it’s a natural state of their body, it just works and suits them, rather than being the result of keeping body weight as low as possible.

I for one prefer to see fashion shots like these:

via Kendi Everday. This lady has a wonderful sense of humour. I love reading her posts.


via Skunkboy Creatures. I love those specs. I rely on my contacts far too much as I don’t really like my glasses. I should make the investment really.

via Smile and Wave. I love the fact that her daughter is in this shot. Keeps it firmly linked to real life. I think that’s what I enjoy the most about these kinds of posts and what keeps me coming back for more.

How about you? What do you think?

Have a good Monday.


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