#ff Ma Bicyclette

I’m fairly new to twitter. I know, I know, it’s been around for ages and all the cool kids have been on it forever but I’m still fairly new. Due to this, I’ve been puzzled most Fridays when my twitter feeds have been full of #ff. Well today I googled it! Good old google. It stands for follow Friday and is an opportunity for twitter members to recommend someone to follow to other users. (But you knew that already didn’t you?) Pretty sweet idea and a good chance to promote others which is essentially what Celebrate Creation is all about.

So without further ado I’m jumping on the bandwagon and every Friday I too will #ff someone. This week it’s the lovely ladies over at Ma Bicyclette.

This blog is a lovely read. Set up by a group of talented young women in northern England, they cover art, craft, books, all sorts. They also have an etsy store (which I’ll be keeping a close eye on).

So…#ff @BicycletteGang