The bunting is hung outside our front door, in keeping with the neighbours in our street and I’m pleased to say that Jubilee fever is in the air. I’m blogging at the moment whilst simultaneously watching the Jubilee concert on TV having spent all day making cupcakes for our friends who are coming by for a Jubilee tea party tomorrow. So that’s me – but how about you? How are you celebrating?

Mr P and I spent our day selling sock monkeys for our sister in law yesterday at the Big Church Day Out, which was fab. Here’s a few pics of my weekend:

A perfect backdrop for an afternoon gig by Cathy Burton provided by Wiston House.

Even my lunch had a Royal theme!

Ok, strictly speaking, I wasn’t here (at Windsor Castle) this weekend, more like a few weekends ago actually but it’s worth popping it in to a Jubilee themed post don’t you think?

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Tuesday if you’re in the UK and if you’re outside of the UK, then happy Tuesday to you!


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