Sunday night feeling

I love to plan. Mostly it’s a skill that serves me well and one that’s essential if you’re a teacher. Right now I’m busy planning our summer holiday with Mr P and getting very excited about it. I’m a big believer in having goals and things to look forward to and right now our planned trip to the states this summer is helping me stay focussed at work as I’m busy checking off the big items on the ‘to do’ list before we go on annual leave. (We are travelling to New York, Boston and Washington. Anyone got any must-see’s)?

So how about you? What are you looking forward to? It doesn’t have to be big. I love to look forward to simple things like cooking a great meal on a Friday night or having brunch at the weekend. It keeps me going!

Have a good week,


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3 responses to “Sunday night feeling”

  1. I love that you’re planning such a big exciting trip! When I went to New York I mostly walked everywhere. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and ending at Grimaldi’s (FANTASTIC but massive pizzas) under the Brooklyn side of the bridge is amazing. Walking through the Upper East Side, then Soho shows such different sides of the city. Central Park is huge. See my friend Kate’s blog for her must see’s/do’s – (and some posts in March 12 too)

    I did love New York, but we only had two days there and I spent most of my time in Boston. Thanks to Clare Jackson’s brother (I was ferrying Christmas presents to them from Clare!) I got a tour around Harvard University and also over to MIT, but you can just wander round for free around the grounds. Cambridge is excellent for cute shops and cafes. I stayed with a friend in Porter Square and there was a proper ‘Southern style’ restuarant, with pulled pork there. The suburbs are worth exploring via the trams.The Freedom trail is a must (and on the way through the North end, try this – I also did a boat trip at the end of the Freedom trail back into the city from the USS Constitution in Charlestown (

    Just writing this comment has brought back lots of good memories! You’ll both have a great time! I think I definitely would go back as Andrew would love it but Chicago and Seattle are also high on my list too. Let us know what you think about Washington as that’s another place on our list.

    Hoping that we’ll see you though when we are down in London – 1st – 5th August! If not, I will know that you’ve escaped for your all-american adventure! Lots of love xxx

  2. Great advice, thank you Susan! Vic has also told me lots of great places to go – we are super excited. We’ve been saving for this for about 18 months so now we are finally here it feels amazing. Planning is definitely one of the most excting parts.
    I’m in London the week that you are down so make sure you give me a buzz and we can go for a cuppa and a good chin wag.

  3. When we were living in London, 3 years ago – we so wanted to fly over to NYC, never made it though and now we are living all the way in sydney australia. you are very lucky to be going:) looking forward to your pics.
    The only trip we are looking forward to at the mo, is South Africa in November to visit my family. Can’t wait!!!

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