5 tips for boot fair stalls

Today I’m going to share my top 5 tips for running a stall at a boot fair. Mr P and I ran our own stall last Saturday and had a great time doing it! I’ve run stalls in the past so went into the boot fair with a bit of previous experience but this was by far the largest stall I’ve ever had. I recommend doing your own boot fair stall as it’s such a great way to clear out your home of all the clutter that you no longer want/need, whilst making some extra cash and doing your bit for the planet by recycling all at the same time!

So with out further ado, here’s my top 5 tips for you…

Have a 20/40p box

People go to boot fairs to get a bargain and in my experience love to have a rummage through a box of items that are under 50p. It always works well to draw people in to the stall and gain their attention.

Label items that have a fixed price clearly

As you can see from my photo, your labelling doesn’t need to be particularly fancy! We had several pairs of trousers that I just wanted to pass on so was happy to put them altogether in a box for a pound!

Extend your stall by putting down a picnic blanket

As well as having a blanket, take along a wallpaper pasting table and table cloth to put over it to create your stall. We also took along a small foldable table from our garden as we had so many items to sell.

Try to place books and cds in boxes

This is another way to ensure that customers are able to rummage through your items for sale, whilst ensuring that things look neat (ish!)

Try giving away something for free!

I tried this for the first time at the boot fair we did on Saturday and it worked a treat. I had lots of A4 files that I no longer needed after having a clear out in our study and instead of selling them we decided to give them away for free as to be honest we wanted to be rid of them! As you can see, we didn’t display them in a particularly fancy way but people got the idea and it was another great way to get potential customers to come over to the stall.

All in all it was a very successful day and we made some extra spending money for our trip. I also recommend that you take a foldable chair if possible to sit on and don’t forget something to carry your money in safely. Such as the gorgeous 80’s bum bag. Who knew those bad boys would actually come in handy outside of that decade?

Have fun!

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