A peek inside Decorate workshop

I’ve been enjoying Holly Becker’s book ‘Decorate workshop’ for the past two weeks and so thought that I should share it with you and pass on all the interesting details. I was very fortunate to go to Holly’s book launch at Anthropologie last Tuesday and hear from the author herself which was fantastic.

Holly was interviewed by Will from Bright Bazaar and shared insights from behind the scenes, such as how she sourced the houses that are featured in the book and the reality behind interior styling – lots of moving furniture and cleaning floors in order to get the beautful final images that grace the pages of the book. Holly warned that it is not all as glamourous as it seems!

The book is written in an informal, conversational style which for me makes it slightly more accessible and less daunting than other interior design books that I have read. The book is set around an 8 step process that aims to take you from the early stages of planning, through to completing your final decorating project.

As you would expect, there is an abundance of beautiful images throughout to keep you motivated as well as a host of practical tips on finding new inspiration. During the launch, Holly mentionned that it is useful to create a folder full of images that you connect with and then to start analysing why. For example, what is it about the image that you really like? Is there one thing in particular that you are drawn to? If so, do you notice a theme throughout your folder? She modelled this technique by using the blue mood board above which was created from looking at the home of American stylist James Leland Day (who also spoke at the event). It was a good event!

The other feature that I particularly like about the book is that there is space for you to write in it so that it forms a working document. Now, I have to be honest and say that I haven’t actually written in mine yet because, as Holly mentions, it feels slightly wrong to do so. However, the purpose of the book is for you to thoroughly engage with it by writing your thoughts and sources of inspiration as you go along and so it’s something that I just need to get over and do.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend this book and with Christmas coming up have already thought of at least 2 people that I would like to buy it for, which is making my Christmas shopping decidedly easier this year.

If you have it, let me know what you think. If you don’t then might I suggest an addition to your Amazon wish list for Santa?

Images taken from Decorate workshop

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