A Christmas craft round up

The temperature has well and truly dropped, the winter woolies are out and the Christmas tree is up. Time to get planning for Christmas. Am I late? Have you started already?

Ok, perhaps I’m misleading you a bit. I have already started planning for Christmas as I’m taking full advantage of shopping online for gifts this year. I love it. It means that when I do venture out into the shops, I can actually enjoy it and pay attention to the visual merchandising/atmosphere/music etc instead of rushing about and stressing out because of the crowds.

I’ve also been making a few things in the evenings recently which I’m looking forward to sharing with you on Thursday of this week. Until then, here’s a round up of some Christmas crafts past:

Christmas craft round up

Candle favours for party guests

A 5 minute make for the home office

DIY New Year’s Eve chevron clutch bag

Driftwood Christmas trees. (I can’t take the credit for these as they are not my idea/DIY but I highly recommend spending time making them alongside the other Christmas tree decorations that are featured in this archived post).

Enjoy! What are you making at the moment? Lists?! 😉


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