Celebrate the home of Danielle Moss

Over the holidays I started to read a blog that I hadn’t come across before called ‘Breakfast at Toast’ by Danielle Moss, co-author of The Everygirl. I quickly became hooked by Danielle’s honest and reflective writing style and have been a regular visitor to her blog ever since.

Danielle’s home was featured in Rue magazine and you can see why. It’s a cool, calm and collected mixture of whites and grey with striking accents of black and mustard yellow. I love it and find that it strikes a chord with my own personal likes for interior design – my home contains lots of white, grey and black but it doesn’t look anyway near as good as this! Maybe I’ll do a home tour of my own one day though…

For now, enjoy this impeccable styling from Danielle Moss and Rue magazine.


Rue-Stoffer Photography 0018

Rue-Stoffer Photography 0050

Rue-Stoffer Photography 0073

Rue-Stoffer Photography 0090

Rue-Stoffer Photography 0056

How fabulous is Danielle’s desk space? I had to include this shot for a closer look:

Rue-Stoffer Photography 0042

I think the framed pin board is a neat way to display some carefully curated items whilst the wicker basket and black boxes provide some clever storage that looks sleek alongside being functional.

But that’s my opinion. What do you think?

Images taken by Stoffer photography via Rue Magazine. Sourced from Breakfast at Toast blog

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