Current project – Make your own hot water bottle cover

It’s cold around here. We have a good old 80’s warm air heating system in our house which is great most of the time but not if it drops below 0 degrees outside. It’s been hard to keep warm recently and whilst we’ve been piling on the layers and wrapping up under blankets on the sofa (which I love), I’ve also found myself reaching for the hot water bottle fairly often.

My hot water bottle is a good friend of mine but I’ve been rather neglectful of it and for years now haven’t had a hot water bottle cover. In fact I can’t recall when I ever did have a hot water bottle cover. I do however have lots of spare knitting wool and an old pair of fleecy pj’s that no longer fit so am thinking of making something like this for my poor old hot water bottle:


Tutorial via


Tutorial via


Tutorial via

I also found this tutorial online which is the one that I think I’m going to use my old pj’s for. I’ll post an update some time next week when I’ve made it.

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