DIY Wreath

DIY Wreath title image 2

Today I’m going to share with you an ‘inspired by’ DIY. I have lots of inspiration for potential makes over on my craft pinterest board and the other evening I sat and made a wreath that was inspired originally by this:


As you can see, I took the idea of the leaves and adapted it slightly as I made my leaves out of an old book that I had picked up from the charity shop and no longer wanted. I started by making a template leaf that was the size I wanted and then cut several pages out of the book and placed them one on top of the other. I then drew around my leaf and cut out multiple leaves at a time by cutting through the pages as they were placed on top of one another. I defintely recommend doing it this way rather than cutting each leaf out individually!

Next, I folded each leaf in half to give it a bit of shape and a 3d effect. Then I cut out a circle from a piece of cardboard (I drew around the plate to get the shape and size) and then cut out another circle in the middle (using a smaller plate this time).

Finally I sat in front of the TV with my glue stick and glued away! You could use a glue gun if you wanted but as my wreath is hanging in our living room, I found that a glue stick did the job just fine.

Wreath medley