Celebrate Lisa Bliss

Stag Head Wallpaper by Lisa Bliss Lifestyle from Graduate Collection

I was fortunate enough to have a press pass to this year’s Home exhibition in Earl’s Court, London and I was so impressed and inspired by the range of home design that I saw, that I now have a list a mile long of designers and artists to share with you. I shared the work of Zeena Shah a few weeks ago and today I’d like to draw your attention to the designs of Lisa Bliss.

Stag Head Repeat Plum Wallpaper from Graduate Collection

Ever since writing for Natural History as a guest blogger, (I no longer do this but loved it when I did.) I always keep my eyes open for design inspired by natural history and nature. Lisa Bliss’ use of decadent colour and detailed illustrations grabbed my attention as soon as I saw her designs. The stag wallpaper above has to be my favourite piece from her collection. It would look amazing in a reading corner or study.

picture 65035

A graduate of Norwich University College of the Arts, Lisa has a degree in textiles and is a self-confessed lover of old books – which she credits as being one of the sources of her inspiration when drawing. Animals play a large role in Lisa’s designs and she can often be found sketching in the natural history sections of museums. You can purchase Lisa’s incredible stag and fox wallpaper here, or learn more about other designers in the graduate collection here.

picture 65068

Lisa’s designs can also be found on a range of crockery and scarves so if you can’t commit to papering an entire wall in your home, you can still enjoy her artwork via these smaller items. I think the purple mug is my favourite. You?

Images with thanks, via Profile Public Relations

This is not a sponsored post. I’m just sharing because I love the design!

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