Guest post: Small decorative touches, big impact

Hi, all! I’m so excited to be here with you at Celebrate Creation with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It’s a great place to find lots of interior design inspiration including beautiful home décor ideas from contemporary rugs to mini pendant lighting.

Today, we’re going to explore ways to use small decorative touches to make a big visual impact in interior spaces. Some of the ideas included here take a bit of time and effort, while others could qualify as instant décor gratification, but all of them can affect the way you feel about your home. If you love to constantly make changes to your surroundings, check out the images below. Please enjoy!

Thanks to Claire for letting me stop by to visit for awhile.

~ Mari

Decorative Touch

Consider the impact of this narrow wall. Originally painted white, the design was taped off and black paint was added to create zig zag stripes. What an amazing difference this decorative touch makes, not only in the kitchen but in the living space beyond.

Decorative Touch

A neutral living space can be updated on a whim with one or more small decorative touchesóa colorful throw, toss pillows, tabletop accessories or wall art.

Decorative Touch

Small brass objects and books create a lovely tabletop vignette and seem to give the pretty pink contemporary print even more importance.

Decorative Touch

A single luxurious hand towel can effortlessly bring a bath or powder room to life. Another great way to add interest to a bathroom is with decorative trays to hold found objects, soaps, perfumes or even shells for a coastal look.

Decorative Touch

This is a wonderful foyer and it would be beautiful with a plain stained wood chest, but a turquoise painted one creates a lovely focal point for the space.

Decorative Touch

A very small area, like this wall surrounding a wide window inset into a bedroom nook, can be wallpapered to add color and interest. Sure, it’s a bit of work, but the results can be amazing in visual impact.

Decorative Touch

Large wall art can bring a sense of fun and personal style to the kitchen – big impact, little effort. With a long narrow metal light fixture over the work island and modern pendant lighting above the dining table, plus lots of natural light, this space has a wonderful open airy feel day or night.

Decorative Touch

One of my favorite quick and easy decorative touches is a large vase filled with tall branchesóbudding in the spring, with leaves in the summer and bare in the fall and winter. Be sure to see Claire’s recent seasonal inspiration post. It includes a lovely image of blooming branches with birds resting here and there.

What do you think of these small decorative touches? Leave us your thoughts below, and be sure to check out our website for more home decor and interior inspirations!

Thanks Mari for your guest post, it was a pleasure to have you. I must say that image one is my favourite, I’d love a chevron painted wall in our home. Claire.x

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