Today, I’m delighted to bring you an interview with interior accessories and product designer Laura Felicity.

Laura Felicity Geometric Flower Wallpaper Link


I’ve been a fan of Laura’s for a while and think that her bespoke range of wallpaper is just beautiful. Impressed with her range of handmade interior accessories, I was eager to find out more about the talent behind this British brand and so asked her a few questions..

CC: What inspired you to take the leap and set up your own business?

 LF: I have always loved all things to do with interiors and it has been always been a part of my life – from art running through my family; mum decorating the house in seasonal/yearly trends and not holding back on pattern, to art being something I studied all the way through school until university.

I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a First Class BA (Hons) in Applied Art four years ago.  It was in my final year that I developed a love for screen printing, in particular for interior based products, which is where my passion really took a leap.

My degree was very practical and I was able to experiment in ceramics, glass, jewellery and textiles.  This prepares you mentally (and physically) for becoming an artist/designer-maker and to work for yourself, or to work in a creative field for someone who has a business similar to what you want to aspire to do.

After graduating I decided to apply for a few internships with designer-makers which were in areas similar to where I saw myself working towards, as well as taking a part in a few shows which led to my first wallpaper commission.

All of the combined made me decide to take the leap and set up business in April 2010, and so far it’s been a huge yet progressive learning curve.  I am now three years down the line and am steadily building up my name and the brand, as well as realising I love what I do even more now than the day I started.

Laura Felicity Lampshade Link


CC: Describe a typical work day.

LF: Honestly, I do not have a typical day!  Each day for me is completely different.  Because I am the sole person working for myself (with the occasional intern) I have to balance everything to do with the business whether it be the designing, making, promoting, or finances etc.

I try to have set days throughout the week where I focus on particular areas of the business for it not to get to overwhelming. i.e. Admin day, Stock Day, Promoting Day etc. I also plan out the few months ahead with a layout of goals and actions for what I have to work towards.

The business itself as well as sideline projects, commissions and my workshops means there is nothing typical about my day.  Each day is always unique, which is what I love about my job.

CC: How do you stay motivated?

LF: I make sure I network and keep in contact with like minded people, whether they are fellow designer-maker friends or people who have built up their own businesses and know the ups and downs that come with it. It’s a great way to keep motivated and stay sociable as it’s very easy to get lost in your own business world, especially when you work by yourself.

I think it’s important to build a great support network system for when the odd day or week comes along when you are finding yourself struggle or are at a loose end.

Laura Felicity Hand Cut Art Prints Link


CC: What is one of your goals for the future?

LF: One goal for me is to keep building and promoting the Laura Felicity name and brand.

My dream is to have people recognise my company for being a UK based brand where we design and create beautifully unique and touchable interiors that are traditional in the making, yet contemporary in the approach to wallpapers and homewares.

CC: And finally, can you share five facts about yourself that we may not already know?

The business name ‘Laura Felicity’ is my first and second name.

I did work experience for Zandra Rhodes in my second year of university

I love to take long walks in the countryside with my two dogs

I’m a bit of an exercise fanatic.  I love to jog, do yoga, zumba and toning.  Exercise is            great for the body and mind

I’m a massive chocolate fan (which counteracts the exercise!) Cadburys cream eggs, brownies and cookies are my thing.

Thank you so much Laura for your time and for participating in the interview. I heartily recommend that you go over to Laura’s website now and see more of her designs for yourself. Or, if you are inspired by Laura’s creativity, why not attend one of her lino print workshops in London? At only £28 for the evening they are great value for money so why not grab some friends and pop along? There’s tea to drink as you work too – what’s not to love about that?

Images with thanks via Laura Felicity

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