Washi tape flowers title imageLast Christmas I was given a reed diffuser from the White Company which was lovely. When all the fragrance had evaporated, I was left with the reeds and glass bottle that I didn’t really want to throw away – I’m a bit of a sucker for packaging I must admit. After a  quick search on pinterest, I found a great tutorial from 91 magazine which showed how to make some simple flowers from crepe paper.

I followed the tutorial, wrapped some of the reeds in washi tape and that was it!

Flowers with arrow

Flower on wall

I also made a smaller flower that I attached to the wall in our porch with yet more washi tape. (I have a bit of an addiction. Although I’ve heard that’s actually quite common…)

The flower is stuck within a hand drawn frame that came as part of  a wall sticker set. I have a few on the wall clustered together with some other pictures/craft makes. That’s another post for another day…

Let me know if you give it a try – it’s an easy one to do in front of the tv!

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