Celebrate 91 magazine


The Spring/Summer issue of 91 Magazine is out and it’s certainly worth a read if you haven’t already spent some time flicking through the pages. 91 Magazine was recently awarded the Women in Publishing New Venture award and it’s great to be able to write about the magazine and support it as it continues to expand and grow. Celebrating and promoting other people’s talents is a major part of what Celebrate Creation is about after all!


One of my favourite articles in this edition is the investigation into how new craft trends are started. I agree with the writer, (Caroline Taylor), that there seems to have been an explosion recently in colourful washi tape inspired craft projects – guilty of that one myself – and also paper pom poms at wedding or party venues. From my own travels around the web, I would also add that I think that chevron inspired DIYs and craft tutorials are also big news, especially in the States.


So what’s next in the way of trends? There are two predictions in the image above. I think that the mini garland idea may well take off as we move towards the summer with bbqs and outside parties being planned. The article also features glitter keys, an interesting update on the vinatge keys that are sometimes used in interior styling perhaps?

Why not take a look for yourself and see what interior and crafting guru Holly Becker has to say on the subject too? If you spot any future craft trends, you can join in the discussion by leaving a comment here or over on the Patchwork Harmony blog (which features more of the work of the 91 Magazine team). You can also engage via social media as 91 Magazine have set up a discussion on Pinterest and Twitter via the #crafttrends hashtag.

All images via 91 Magazine, with thanks.

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