Guest bedroom musings…

After waiting for ages to have our front door replaced, we finally had enough sunshine to be able to have a new one fitted. In true Brit style it’s raining again now so I’m glad we acted when we did! The next thing I would like to turn my attention to is our guest bedroom. It’s basically a bit of a dumping ground at the moment for the ironing board, my husband’s bass amp – you get the pricture. It’s not pretty.

Here’s some of the inspiration for a guest bedroom makeover that I have on my pinterest board so far..

House to home

I love the blue feature wall in this bedroom. I feel as if I’m getting a bit boring with my feature walls though – we have them in 2 rooms in our house already. My argument for a painted feature wall though is that I spent so long painfully scraping years of nasty, sticky, bumpy and painted over wallpaper off every wall in our first flat that I shudder at the thought of putting up wallpaper now. Anyone feel the same?

Guest bedroom 2

As you can see, there’s a bit of a blue, pastel green and yellow theme going on here. Best get off to the DIY store and start stocking up on paint samples!

Images via 1, 2

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