Sunday night feeling


I had the lovely opportunity to go to a spa this weekend with some friends from work. It’s my first year in my new job as a lecturer and so it was great to get to know some of the ladies I work with a little bit more. Plus, I LOVE going to spas. I’m the kind of girl who loves a facial, massage – you name it. If the room smells of lavender and there are candles burning, then I’m happy.

This weekend has also been difficult for some friends at church so my thoughts go out to them – and you too if things are tough for you at the moment. I heard recently that when you’re going through a time of suffering, it can either make your heart harder or it can soften you. Either way suffering is suffering and by that I mean that it’s awful but if there can be even some small rainbow that comes out of it, then I guess that goes some way to helping. I know I certainly have been changed by tough times for the better. I wouldn’t ever want to go through them again but I can see how my character has been changed. Plus I find my hope in the fact that I identify with a suffering servant in Christ who identifies with our pain. I find that amazing.

Take care my friends and have a good Monday,


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