The 2 minute tip

I’ve a small confession for you today. I’m an home organisation geek. I’ve bought copies of home organisation books from Amazon, have an entire board dedicated to the subject on Pinterest and am just a little bit obsessed with Martha Stewart’s organisation pages on her blog. I know it’s a little tragic but it makes me happy!

I recently read a simple tip on a website that I came across during one of those ‘Alice in Wonderland’ internet surfing sessions. You know, the ones where you stumble aimlessly throughout cyberspace, clicking on links to new pages and seeing what you discover as you go. For that reason I can’t recall where I read this advice but it is simply this:

2 minute quote

Not rocket science exactly, but I’ve been trying it out now for a month or two and it works really well for those niggling ‘to do’ jobs that you carry around in your mind during the day.

I try to attend to my ‘2 minute jobs’ when I’m making a cup of tea. It takes between 30 seconds and 2 and a half minutes for a kettle to boil (depending on how fancy your kettle is) with the average being around 2 minutes. So, instead of standing waiting for the kettle to boil and perhaps staring out the window (although there is nothing wrong with this), I’ve been doing a spot of washing up, or putting away dry dishes, or spending 2 minutes sorting out the little pile of paper clutter that seems to gather in the kitchen – pizza leaflets, tesco clubcard letters etc. I may only do 2 lots of 2 minute jobs a day but it makes quite a difference! I challenge you to give it a go.


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Any other organisation tips you’d like to share with me?

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