New Series: Friday links

Time for a new series. After seeing lots of my favourite bloggers sharing what inspires them, I’ve decided to do my series sharing the same thing. Not what inspires them, what inspires me of course. Maybe ‘inspires’ is too strong a word, perhaps ‘interesting links’ or ‘go check this out’ is more appropriate? Anyhow, too much talking from me and not enough linking. So here goes. This week I’ve enjoyed reading…


A closet clean up tutorial from Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere

Lark and Linen blog - hometour

A Bachelorette home tour on Lark and Linen


A DIY chalkboard and pinboard from Lia Griffith

Do you have any interesting links to share? Maybe something on your own blog? Leave me a comment and link below so I can take a look.

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