Sunday night feeling

Autumn macaroons

Today is one of those days for putting on pjs and relaxing on the sofa – in fact I’ve seen lots of Twitter and Facebook comments saying much the same thing amongst my friends! How have you spent your weekend? I went into London yesterday with my husband and we wandered around Clapham, the Southbank and Gloucester Road. I really enjoy those kinds of days. We had no schedule to speak of, other than popping by the Papermash sample sale for me and getting a nice lunch for him 😉

This week looks as if it will be as busy as ever, but I’ve been so challenged recently to make sure that I’m making time for people and putting them first over and above the masses of busy tasks that sometimes take over. Silly things like actually stopping to look at my husband when he speaks to me and I’m busy making dinner, rather than carrying on and chatting over my shoulder. Not that making him dinner isn’t important too, but you know what I mean.

I’m also setting myself the challenge of making these gorgeous autumn macaroons pictured above. I’ve never made macaroons before so have no idea how they will turn out but I thought that these ones from the Brave Apron blog were just too tempting to resist. If you want to join me you can find the recipe here.

Have a good week my friends and take care.


Image via Brave Apron

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