Last minute Christmas stockings

Every year I mean to make Christmas stockings for my husband and I, yet it seems to be the thing that gets put further and further down my to-do list until sadly there’s no more time left! This year I have 2 stockings that I’m hoping to add some simple lettering to (project should only take 30 minutes) so that we can finally hang some stockings this year! If like me you find yourself short of a stocking or two, here’s some clever ideas that might help you out.


Make some cute smaller stockings from some socks. Easy!


Or use some over-the-knee- socks if you need a bit more space.


Or sew together some plain white cotton fabric and print your own motif on them. Or, alternatively, buy these lovely stockings from Roddy and Ginger on Etsy.

Images via la petite cuisine, Martha Stewart, Roddy and Ginger