Personalise your stationary with Minted

Regular readers here on Celebrate Creation may know that I have been a teacher for most of my professional life. If you know any teachers, then you will also know that most of them tend to have a passion for stationary. I am no exception!

Therefore, when approached me and asked if I would like to share some of my favourite items from their website with you, I readily agreed. Not only does have a wide variety of gorgeous stationary, the website also supports independent designers, a concept that I am a great supporter of. So after much perusing and deliberation, I have 5 top picks to share with you today. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Birth announcements

#1. Number one has to be this adorable, personalized birth announcement, designed by ‘Unless someone like you’. I’ve been fortunate to receive many birth announcements from my friends as they start to grow their families and whilst I haven’t been in the position to need one of these announcement cards just yet, I know where to get them from when I do!

Personalised stationary from Minted#2. This design (Pretty Poppies) by Paper Dahlia immediately caught my eye as I was looking through the website. Simple yet effective, I would choose this if I were looking for some personalized stationary. I love the geometric design and colour choice.

Journals for children from Minted#3. Confession time. I really like children’s stationary and this journal designed by Busy Nothings is no exception. Surely any child would want to do their homework if they had this to work in. No? Wishful thinking?

Party invite#4. Party invites. January can be such a grey, rainy season (in the UK anyway) and so what would be better than to organise a get together with some of your closest friends for a dinner party? These fancy invites from Jody Wody would set the tone of the evening brilliantly and give everyone a night to look forward to. There are even matching party accessories!

Party accessories from Minted

Art print from minted

#5. Last, but by no means least, is this beautiful art print from Wondercloud design. Simple yet elegant, this print would look great as part of a colourful gallery wall in the home.

Minted also have a blog which features a variety of great DIY projects such as these colourful favour bag toppers which is well worth checking out. You can print the toppers via a free pdf from the blog.

Thankyou favour toppers

Finally, if you are a designer then why not submit your designs to I’d love to see your designs there. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you do to let me know!

In the meantime take a look at the site and let me know what you think in the comments section. Are you a huge stationary fan too?

Images via with thanks

Please note: This post was sponsored by, however all featured products are my own choice and are genuinely ones that I like and would buy. 

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