Sunday night feeling

A weekend in London


How was your weekend? Yesterday Mr P and I spent a day wandering around London’s Southbank. It was great and just what we needed after a couple of very busy work weeks. I love living in London and feel so blessed to be able to get into the centre of the capital within 20 minutes. We often feel like we take living here for granted and so it’s good to make like a tourist every now and again and explore what the city has to offer.

We went to an exhibition in the Oxo tower, the Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral and then to Sir John Soane’s museum. The Sir John Soane museum is actually in Sir John’s house. He was an architect who designed the Bank of England (amongst many other famous landmarks in London) and he was a great collector. You can see his collection of artefacts from across the globe in his house which is set out just as it was in the 1800’s. It’s amazing and completely free to see so if you are around in London I highly recommend a visit.

I love days spent exploring and discovering something new. What have you discovered recently?

The images above are from my weekend, well sort of, the first one was taken in the week whilst I worked at a coffee shop nearby to my office but I thought I’d put it in here as this weekend has consisted of a loooot of coffee drinking! Other images include: the view from inside the Oxo Tower. I liked the industrial look of the window and interior of the building. The outside of the Sir John Soane’s house and finally a book stall on the Southbank. Second hand book shopping is bliss for me.

Have a happy Monday folks.


Images all Celebrate Creation

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