Sunday night feeling

Hello friends, how are you? I took an impromptu break from blogging this past week as I took a week’s annual leave. I wasn’t planning on the break but was very grateful for it! I’m back now however and have a few new posts lined up for you this week which I’m looking forward to sharing.



I’ve also been planning some new blog series for the spring, one of which relates to sharing some more ‘magazine’ type blog articles with you here on Celebrate Creation. Most of these posts will be written by myself, however I’ll also share some articles from around the web that I’ve found useful or interesting. I’ve also started a new board on Pinterest called ‘Educate’ which I’ll be using to curate some of the material that is used as a basis for my new series and so please do take a look and join in via Pinterest if you wish to. If enough readers are interested, we could set up a public board that we can all contribute to. I pinned a great article today from The Everygirl blog entitled ‘4 questions everyone should ask themselves’ which I highly recommend to you – it sure made me think!

In the meantime, do let me know if there are any suggestions for a series that you might have for Celebrate Creation. I’m looking to add some new material to the blog this spring and would love it if my readers could have a direct influence over this.

Have a good Monday everyone,


Image via The Everygirl

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