DIY Birthday can

Happy birthday can title image

When I saw this birthday can DIY from Oh Happy Day, I knew I just had to give it a try for myself. It’s a simple yet very effective idea! All you need to do is grab a can of baked beans (or similar) and use a can opener to open the bottom of the tin. You then empty the contents into a tupperware container so that they can be used another day, clean out the can and leave to dry. Next, grab some coloured paper or card and use it to wrap the outside of the can before inserting some small gift items for your birthday recipient.

Finally, use some washi tape to cover the edge of part of the can that you removed so that you don’t cut yourself and then tape the bottom back in place. I used sellotape to do this. I made a small gift tag and that was that!

I decided not to make the paper chains for the inside of the can as shown on the post from Oh Happy Day but you could do this quite easily if you chose to.

I made my birthday can for my sister as a small favour that accompanied another gift that we had already bought for her. I filled it with some nail polish, a miniature hand cream and some of her favourite lindt chocolates. I also really like the idea of filling the can with sweets or small toys for children. What would you put into your can?

Original DIY idea from Oh Happy Day.


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