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A few weeks ago I talked about starting a new board on Pinterest called educate. I tend to post articles and blog posts where I’m learning something new to this board. After pinning a few new items today so that I can read them later, I thought that it might be a good idea to collate some of the articles into a new series on Celebrate Creation, also called educate.

So welcome to the first post in the series! Now the sun is beginning to shine, my thoughts are turning to spring cleaning. It’s been so lovely to fill the house with daffodils, tulips and hyacinths as spring is starting to bloom but it now feels like its time for a good clean and clear out! So, if you’re wanting to start some spring cleaning too, take a look at these posts which will help you on your way:

1) Start the planning ball rolling with this spring cleaning checklist from Martha Stewart.

2) How to deep clean a kitchen from premeditated leftovers.

3) How to keep your home sparkling, from Lauren Conrad.

4) 20 simple tricks to make spring cleaning easier from Buzz Feed.

5) Finally, how about spring cleaning your Facebook account? via Women living well. This particular post is written from a Christian perspective but you may find some of the pointers useful regardless of what you believe. It certainly made me ask myself some challenging questions!

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