Friday links

It’s Friday! 🙂 Time for my weekly round-up of blog posts and internet finds that I’ve enjoyed this week…

Lia Griffith - TwoPaperLoveBirds

I fancy making these two paper love birds from Lia Griffith’s blog this weekend. You can watch a video of the tutorial and download a template here.

Ruth Garner Blossom-and-eggs-in-teacup

I enjoyed reading about the Makelight workshop that Ruth from The Planned Adventure went on recently. I’m especially taken with the images on Ruth’s blog from the workshop. If I will be able to take photos like these as a result of attending a Makelight course then sign me up!

Decorate-with-Flowers-SliderIf you’re a Holly Becker or Leslie Shewring fan, then you’ll probably already know that this talented duo have launched a new website which showcases some of the work from their recently published book ‘Decorate with flowers’. I on the other hand have only just found out and so am very excited about this!

Enjoy the links my dears. See you next week!

Image credits in linked text.

2 responses to “Friday links”

  1. Thank you so much for including me in your lovely links, what an honour 🙂 I’m certain you’d love the course! And as for the new book by Holly – wow, it looks AMAZING! It’s certainly making me try to think a little more creatively about the bits and bobs I have around that I could use for flower arranging! Happy weekend 🙂 x

    • You’re welcome Ruth, I’ve been enjoying your blog this week! I can’t do the next course date in April sadly but have signed up for their newsletter so am hoping to get onto another one later on.

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